There'll be no paddle up your creek....

There are a number of creeks on the south side of the Green River. Which one is yours?

Some of the Draws along the way are named. Some aren't. This had me puzzled for a while until I realized a couple of things. Fenn likes to work in Pairs. Two Omegas, the First and Second clue are the same word. etc. This pairing (he was a middle child with two siblings) helped me confirm the answers to some of the problems.

The answer is related to another Nautical Term: A flat bottom boat that is used to carry heavy loads in shallow waters is called a Hoy Boat.

About seven miles east of the Swinging Bridge there is a Draw that is named after early setters: Hoy Draw. Hoy Draw contians an un-named creek (yours) and a named trail Hoy Trail, and about a mile or so up the trail there is a spring called Hoy Spring.

For our purposes the answer to Heavy Loads and Water High is Hoy Draw and Hoy Spring.

Parenthentically- the next area east of Hoy is called Allen Bottom. Gracie Allen was George Burns' wife.