Update - Fenn Treasure Found - still no solution published.

In June of 2020 Mr. Fenn announced that the treasure had been found. He refused to name the finder or reveal the solution to the puzzle.


A woman sued Mr. Fenn claiming that the solution to the treasure was stolen from her. In part, she demanded the name of the finder and compensation for her solution. She indicated that New Mexico held the solution.

During the summer of 2020 Mr. Fenn released a statment that he and 'the finder' had 'agreed to relase the location of the chest.'  They said it was in Wyoming.


In September of 2020 Mr. Fenn died.


In December of  2020 a Mr. Jack Steuff, after realizing his name would be revealed in the legal proceedings,  revealed himself to be the "Finder". He produced a photo of his meeting with Mr. Fenn to confirm the contents of the chest.

As of this writing the solution has not been revealed. I stand by my solution until proven otherwise.

Hi there....

I've put this site together to explain my solution to the puzzle that Mr. Forrest Fenn created with this 2010 book "The Thrill of The Chase" (TTOTC).  Some people have decided that the story about an eccentric millionaire hiding a treasure worth a million dollars "in the mountains, somewhere North of Santa Fe" is a hoax. I would be very surprised if Mr. Fenn, who's legacy may depend on this contest, would do anything other than what he said he would. We shall see.

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I've been looking for a solution to this puzzle since sometime in the middle of January 2018 when I heard a story about Fenn's treasure on line. I had heard about it some years back but it never really 'took' in my imagination. 

I've done puzzles for a long time. I've submitted solutions to NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday from time to time. I've never been on the show.  I also tried to figure out the "Treasure - Search for the Golden Horse" back in the 1980's. In my opinion it was impossible to solve that one, especially with no internet.

At first I looked for anagrams, hidden messages, cyphers and what not without success. One day I was listening to the radio and I 'solved' the first clue. It took approximately two weeks for me to come up with a solution to the nature of the blaze, but my location was off.  Still I was able to convince my wife to accompany me to the Rocky Mountains for a whirlwind weekend of the Thrill of the Chase.

to quote Kurt Vonnegut... "and so it goes"...