No Place For The Meek?

Are you kidding me? Do I have to go ACROSS THAT BRIDGE... shudders....
The answer is "The Swinging Bridge" at Swinging Bridge Campgrounds...about a half mile east of the "Put In" boat ramp.

For me, this answer to a clue acted as a "key" to lock the other pieces of the puzzle together. Places before and after this clue would not work unless there was something that was 'scary' but not dangerous.

A little history of this bridge. Orginally built in the 1920's the first bridge apparently was not much more than boards sitting on cables strung across the river. The first iteration of the bridge was so flimsy, it blew over and had to be replaced with something more permanent in less than a year.

A more study version was built in th fifties and remodeled sometime in the 1970s.  When Fenn hid his treasure (around 2010)  you could drive a car across the bridge (that is somewhat scary) but, in 2014 someone tried to drive a tractor across the bridge and crashed a hole in the structure. It was patched up, but only accessible to foot traffic.

In 2019 a repair project was undertaken. The project was slated to start and finish in the spring of 2019, however it was not finished unitl August. Coincidentially Mr. Fenn had a 'gut feeling' that the poem would be solved during the search season of 2019.

The identity of this clue is further confirmed in my mind by the Hint in Mr. Fenn's chapter "Great Literature". He writes something to the effect of "If Robert Redford had written a book, it would be better than these." Indicating the Redford had NOT written a book. Well Mr. Redford did. The book is called "The Outlaw Trail" and it was published in the 1970's. I am CERTAIN that Mr. Fenn has a copy of this book. Probably a first edtion.  Probably signed by Mr. Redford.  Fenn may have even wanted to go along for the ride? Did FF ride horses?

On page 128 of The Outlaw Trail there is a photo of Mr Redford riding with his posse along the south side of the Green River. (See the next clue) and in the background (look close) there is a photo of the Swinging Bridge.

Image by Jonathan Blair Copyright 1976 by Robert Redford