The Thrill of the Chase

Major Forrest Fenn (USAF Retired) wrote a Memoir titled The Thrill of the Chase (TToTC) and it was publised in 2010.  In his book he recalls his early days in Temple Texas as a poor student in a school were his father was the Principal.  He recounts his escapades, his relationship with his older brother, younger sister and others.

Fenn's Father (Principal Marvin Fenn) was an avid fisherman. As a principal he was able to take his family on long summer vacations in Yellowstone Park. Fenn recalls his childhood trips across the country and in the park with fondess. Many searchers have focused on Yellowstone and the surrounding areas as a solution to the puzzle.

Fenn enlisted in the US Air Force and rose through the ranks to become a pilot. He learned to fly jets and became a fighter pilot. He was sent to Vietnam around 1966 and returned around Christmas 1968 . The longest chapter in the book is "My War For Me" an account of his service as a fighter pilot. He flew hundreds of missions and was shot down and rescued.

He also recalls his time after the war running a bronze foundry and an art gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico. In 1988 Fenn was diagnosed with what he thought was terminal cancer. He recovered, but he had an idea. He had enjoyed years of collecting art, artifacts, antiques and many other things. His idea was to share with others his "Thrill" of the chase. So he purchased a bronze box, filled it with treasures (Gold, diamonds, rare artifacts) and hid it "somewere in the mountains" north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He wrote a poem that contains clues that would lead a searcher to the  treasure. On June 5, 2020 Mr. Fenn announced that the treasure had been found.

The Solution relies on Fenn's inclusion of pairs of external items: Two Songs, Two Movies and Two Books. He uses distractions to point us away from these so called 'hints' which are essential to solving the puzzle.

Herien lies the solution to Fenn's Thrill of the Chase. As best as I can, I tried to focus on what is in the book and not what mr Fenn said in an interview, on a tape or in an email after the publication of the Memoir.  I may not be right, but at this time who knows?